More than 55 Metal Complete Transformer Stations for IRAQ

More than 55 Metal Complete Transformer Stations for IRAQ

Specially developed, designed and performed more than 55 Metal Complete Transformer Stations for IRAQ – produced within the time limit, in compliance with the customer's requirements, the climate conditions and the legislative provisions of the country.


An important part of the activities of company "Electrogetz" is the production and the delivery of transformer stations for the domestic market. We perform an export of our products for countries such as: Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Iraq, Angola, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan etc.


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      One of our biggest external projects is the production of metal transformer stations for electricity supply in some regions of Iraq. We have manufactured more than 55 Metal Complete Transformer Stations 630/11/0.416 within very short terms. All transformer stations have been specially designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the Iraqi customer and the local legislation, for reliable and secure operation under the specific climate conditions of this region.

      These facilities are intended to work under extreme hot climate conditions (very high temperatures, sand, dust, wind, high humidity and temperature amplitudes). At places where the temperatures reach 50°C, these specially designed transformer stations for countries with similar climate conditions operate continuously and flawlessly due to their specific technical characteristics:

- Sand filters: All transformer stations are equipped with special sand filters which protect the equipment from its surrounding environment.
- Heat insulation: Designed to work under extremely high temperatures, these transformer stations have double heat insulation of the walls. In this way, the hot climate conditions of the environment cannot influence the functionality of the transformer stations.
- Climate system: The unique climate system of the transformer stations could absorb and process the hot air from the environment. This climate system is designed to operate steadily and without disruptions under the conditions of hot climate and high temperatures.
- Double insulated roof: The roof of the transformer stations is directly exposed to the hot climate conditions of the desert and is specially designed so that it shields the internal part of the transformer stations from the high temperatures. In addition, the light colour of the roof reflects the sun rays back to the sky and creates another way of protection and prevention of the hot environmental climate.
- Dust filters: Transformer stations are protected well not only from the sand but from the dust as well. Specially designed and very efficient dust filters protect the equipment from dust which could possibly enter the parts of the equipment of the transformer station.
  This type of transformer stations operate flawlessly in many countries with extremely hot weather. All our technical solutions for this model have been examined and tested and they have proven themselves as flawless in time.
  Many variants of these transformer stations could be manufactured depending on the requirements of the customer and the climate conditions of the environment, where they are going to be mounted. Our products are designed according to the particular requirements of the customer. This way, you will be able to obtain a model of a transformer station in full compliance with your own needs. A team of experienced experts will offer you the best possible solution for your project.