Metal Switchboard - Transformers

Metal Switchboard - Transformers

Metal Switchboard - Transformers are modern products, designed for improving the indicators for quality of the delivered electrical energy when supplying the consumers with power capacity of up to 100KVA and voltage 0.4KV from the distribution networks of 10kV or 20kV. The investments in MST installed as close as possible to the consumers are repaid in a short term only by the saved losses during transfer of electrical energy.


Metal Switchboard-Transformers /МSТ/ are modern products ensuring fire safety, comfort, security and innocuousness during technical access, as they do not have harmful emissions which could be harmful for the health or the protection of the environment. They are built from metal construction elements and are assembled with the requested electrical facilities, with the exception of the power transformer, which is mounted additionally.

Construction and assembly:

  • Metal construction with great strength - double - cold zinc coated, protected from condensation.
  • Small sizes and weight allowing fast and easy installment on pre-set reinforced concrete fundament.
  • Casing and movable roof from aluminum profiles and etalbond, ensuring good heat insulation of the mounted facilities and long service life.
  • Very good anticorrosive protection.
  • Possibility for selection of middle voltage facilities, power transformer and low voltage switchboard.
  • Delivery and assembly of MST with assembled facilities in them
  • Assembly on or between existing pillars, at the border of the parcel as a free standing unit and on other places from the electricity distribution networks for middle and low voltage, as there are no parcel expropriation procedures or permissions necessary.
  • MST have been intended for continuous regime of operation under normal weather conditions, without limitations for application in the seismic regions.


                Maximum shortening of the terms for putting into operation
                     Regaining the investments in MST within a short term

  • Short term of production
  • Tests, proofs and certificates
  • Modern design
  • Very good adaptation to the landscape
  • Great colour variety