Metal Complete Transformer Stations with an external access

Metal Complete Transformer Stations with an external access

Metal Complete Transformer Stations with possibility for operation from outside are designed for supply with electrical energy residential, public, production and agricultural buildings and complexes.


МCTS with an external access are modern products, ensuring fire safety, comfort, security and innocuousness during technical access, as they do not have harmful emissions. They are made of metal constructive elements and are furnished with the requested electrical facilities, with the exception of the power transformer, which is additionally mounted.

  • Metal construction with great strength, protected from condensation.
  • Small sizes and weight allowing fast and easy installation on a pre-set reinforced concrete fundament.
  • Very good anticorrosive protection.
  • Possibility for selection of middle voltage facilities, power transformer and low voltage switchboard.
  • Outdoor assembly as independently located buildings or adjacent to other buildings, fences etc.

 MCTS with an external access have been intended for continuous regime of operation under normal weather conditions, without limitations for application in the seismic regions.

  • Short term of production
  • Tests, proofs and certificates
  • Delivery and assembly of MCTS with an external access with assembled facilities in them
  • Modern design
  • Very good adaptation to the landscape
  • Great colour variety

ELECTROGETZ is a holder of Certificate No. 12616/ 01.09.2008 for successfully made examination test of MCTS under the conditions of electrical arc, issued by “ICMET CRAIOVA” /Romania/, classified as IAC-AB, according to the norm BDS EN 62271 – 202:2007. The test is in accordance with the criteria for protection of the operation personnel and the people located in the vicinity of MCTS.

МCTS with an external access include three particular units:

  • a middle voltage unit /MV/;
  • a power transformer;
  • a low voltage unit /LV/.

        МCTS with an external access provide reception of electrical energy with nominal voltage from the part MV 10kV or 20kV, transformation and distribution to consumers with nominal voltage from the part of LV 0.4/0.231kV, 50 Hz.