Metal Complete Transformer Stations with an internal access

Metal Complete Transformer Stations with an internal access

Metal Complete Transformer Stations with an internal access are designed for supply with electrical energy of residential, public, administrative, production and other buildings and complexes. The operation of these transformer stations is performed only from one side, which is a prerequisite for better conditions for assembly of equipmentin.


MCTS with an internal access are modern products, providing fire safety, comfort, safety and innocuousness during technical access, regardless of the climate conditions. They do not have any harmful emissions, which could endanger the health or the environment. They are built from metal construction elements and are assembled with the requested electrical facilities, with the exception of the power transformer, which is mounted additionally.

  • Metal construction with great strength, protected from condensation.
  • Small sizes and weight allowing fast and easy installation on a pre-set reinforced concrete fundament.
  • Very good anticorrosive protection.
  • Possibility for selection of MV facilities /middle voltage/, power transformer and LVS /low voltage switchboard/.
  • Outdoor assembly as independently located buildings or adjacent to other buildings, fences etc.
  • MCTS with an internal access have been intended for continuous regime of operation under the conditions of normal weather, without limitations for application in the seismic regions.

The operation of МCTS with an internal access is made easier as the entire servicing is made only from one side. This allows the assembly of the multifunctional МCTS at the border of the estate, next to existing buildings, without any servitude areas being required for servicing the МCTS from three sides. Transformer stations with internal operation could be assembled also as free standing units with observance of the distances according to Ordinance 2 /fire safety and construction and technical norms/.

  • In the service room there is micro climate created by means of a heater with thermal regulator - for maintenance of a specific temperature necessary for the proper work of the facilities.
  • Short term of production
  • Tests, proofs and certificates
  • Delivery and assembly of MCTS with an internal access with assembled facilities in them /excluding the power transformer/
  • Modern design
  • Very good adaptation to the landscape
  • Great colour variety

ELECTROGETZ is a holder of Certificate No. 12616/ 01.09.2008 for successfully made examination test of MCTS under the conditions of electrical arc, issued by “ICMET CRAIOVA” /Romania/, classified as IAC-AB, according to the norm BDS EN 62271 – 202:2007. The test is in accordance with the criteria for protection of the operational personnel and the people located in the vicinity of MCTS.

             Metal construction

  • foundation - metal framework made of square steel profiles /cold zinc coated/ to which the facilities have been assembled.
  • self-carrying construction - made of aluminum profiles, with disrupted thermal bridge, ensuring very good thermal insulation.
  • sandwich panels - made of zinc-coated steel sheet with thickness 0.55mm and insulation material. The steel for sandwich panels has coating made of PE/PVDF/Plastisol, primer and galvanic coating /Zn275/, as well as an epoxide layer. These layers ensure very good resistance to sun influence and corrosion.