Electrical Assembly and Equipment of Transformer Stations

Electrical Assembly and Equipment of Transformer Stations

Electrogetz offers el. assembly and equipment of transformer stations, which includes:

   - design
   - delivery of machineries and facilities for HV and LV
   - providing safety means
   - performing of CAW /construction and assembly works/
   - starting and setting works
   - provides the investor with all necessary documents for Deed 15 and Deed 16 for putting into operation the transformer stations.


Equipment of transformer stations (shaft and onground)

  • Assembly of power transformers.
  • Construction and assembly of bus system - middle voltage.
  • Assembly of switchgear or switches and power disconnectors.
  • Construction and assembly of boards - low voltage.
  • Assembly of protective devices.
  • Assembly of systems for grounding.
  • Construction and assembly of cable connections LV and HV.
  • Lightning conductors.

All details (fencing, cable grates, carriers, assembly frames, metal doors, ventilation grilles, access covers) are manufactured on individual project under factory conditions in the production base of Electrogetz LLC. Their surfaces are processed by means of cold zinc-coating or by a powder coating process which guarantees a long service life.