Concrete Complete Transformer Stations with an external access

Concrete Complete Transformer Stations with an external access

Concrete Complete Transformer Stations with external operation are designed for supply of administrative and residential buildings, industrial enterprises, agricultural sites and others, with voltage of 10 or 20/0.4/0.231kV, 50Hz.



CCTS with an external access are modern products, designed for voltage of 20/0.4 кV, 10/0.4 kV and for transformer stations with nominal power of up to 800 kVА. They are designed for outdoor installation, with a temperature of the environment from -30 to +40 degrees, altitude of up to 2000 m, relative humidity of 96% with a temperature of 20°C, for explosion- and fire-proof environment.

  • Construction - performed as a monoblock. The only movable unit is the roof, which allows easy replacement of the facilities in case of emergencies. All facilities are generally grounded.
  • Doors - doors and grates are made of eloxated aluminum profiles with disrupted thermal bridge and eloxated aluminum sheet or etalbond.
  • Rooms - rooms for transformer station, MV and LV facility are divided by partition made of sandwich panel with mineral wool with thickness of 80 mm.
  • Fire resistance -CCTS made by Electrogetz have a Position by the Head Directorate "Fire Security" for II degree of fire resistance.
  • Operation - for the ease of servicing of the CCTS, there are blocking devices designed for the doors in open position.
  • Lighting - in CCTS there is internal lighting, switched on from end switches mounted next to each door.
  • Degree of protection – degree of protection IP43 for MV and LV and degree of protection IP33 for the section with the power transformer station has been provided.
  • Requirements, Ordinances: 
     - CCTS is in compliance with the requirements on norm BDS EN 62271 – 202:2007 and ordinance on the structure of electrical installations and electrical supply lines.
     - CCTS is in compliance with the requirements of Internal norm of "CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria" JSC - BG 202417ZZ

 The operation of CCTS with an external access is performed from three sides, which allows for an assembly next to existing buildings provided that the necessary servitude areas for servicing CCTS from three sides have been guaranteed.

  • Small size and weight
  • Short term of production
  • The equipment allows change of places of the MV and LV depending on the specifics of the site.
  • Tests, proofs and certificates
  • Modern design
  • Very good adaptation to the landscape
  • Great colour variety

ELECTROGETZ is a holder of Certificate nr. 12616/ 01.09.2008 for successfully made examination test of CCTS under the conditions of electrical arc, issued by “ICMET CRAIOVA” /Romania/, classified as IAC-AB, according to the norm BDS EN 62271 – 202:2007. The test is in accordance with the criteria for protection of the operation personnel and the people located in the vicinity of CCTS.

    Technical features:

  • Nominal power up to 2 x 800 kVA
  • Nominal voltage MV  10/20 kV
  • Nominal voltage LV  0.4 kV
  • Current of thermal stability 20 0.4 kV  16 /20 kA/1s
  • Current of dynamic stability 20/0.4 kV  40-51kAmax
  • Degree of protection for section MV and LV  IP 43
  • Degree of protection for section transformer IP 33