Multifunctional small sized Metal Complete Transformer Station /MCTS/ with aluminum casing
Multifunctional small sized Metal Complete Transformer Station with aluminum casing
The idea:
When the idea for a transformer station made of aluminum was born, by that time at the market there were only concrete transformer stations and metal transformer stations made from iron sheet.

    The facilities mounted in the transformer stations have became lighter and smaller in size. This inspired the creative team of Electrogetz to think how to make the entire product lighter and better one. At the same time, the footprint has become main priority and deficiency at the construction sites in the big cities. The construction companies have started to seek new solutions for decreasing the necessary space for electrical supply at their sites. The heavy and clumsy concrete complete transformer stations have become a problem which turned to be a multilateral one - they required slow technological process of performance; they were heavy, big and difficult to transport, as well as expensive, and with time they were worn out unreversibly. And so the idea was born for a technical solution which was to solve all of these major problems – the MCTS with aluminum casing which the team of Electrogetz has developed and has successfully established on the market with the years.

The idea - to use in its new product light-weight material for casing and roof, stable construction and equipment with state-of-art equipment - allows the team of experts from Electrogetz to develop its potential and to be able to offer technical solutions, which are individual for every project due to this idea.

By the time being, Electrogetz boasts with more than
1500 aluminum MCTS in Bulgaria and worldwide, all mounted and operating smoothly.


            Concrete transformer stations – cons:

-          Big volume and weight!

-          Difficulties with transport and assembly!

-          Costs for maintenance of their outlook in the course of time!


Мetal transformer stations with aluminum casing – pros:

-          Small sizes and weight – ideal variant for residential buildings

-          Easy and quick assembly next to a wall or as a free-standing unit – upon observance of the distances in accordance with Ordinance 2 /fire safety and technical and construction norms/

-          Assembly at places with various climate conditions

-          Innovative materials for casing – aluminum – no costs for maintenance needed for the outlook in the course of time

-          Robust metal construction

-          Light movable roof from aluminum and etalbond

-          Light doors, easy operation – could be made with external or with an internal access

-          Very good anticorrosive protection

-          Very good heat insulation

-          No condense formation

-          A microclimate could be generated with the help of a heater or an air conditioner

-          No limitations about application in seismic areas

-          Fully safe facility – tests for safety of MCTS at electrical arc have been made at a laboratory in Romania.

-          Certificate for industrial design of MCTS

-          Gold medal – 58 Fair Plovdiv

-          Short term of production

-          For 16 years now all MCTS with aluminum casing made by Electrogetz have been operating flawlessly and continuously.

-          Electrogetz LLC holds a Certificate for quality ЕN ISO 9001:2008; Certificate for environment EN ISO 14001:2004, Certificate for health management OHSAS 18001:2007